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Presentation Design


A pitch deck laying out the market opportunity for a niche retailer of high-end sleep-related products. The slides needed to communicate all relevant information at this stage of the competition, without the benefit of an accompanying spoken presentation; succinct infographics were vital for this purpose. As a niche retailer, Wink & Rise relied heavily on branding, which is reflected in the use of rich textures, colors, and imagery in the slides.


View the complete deck here.

A slide deck summarizing brand design for a hypothetical restaurant specializing in healthy Mediterranean cuisine, based on a written brief. The slides needed to communicate a great deal of research, strategic thinking, and visual material without the support of an accompanying verbal presentation. They utilize custom templates created for other course assignments, adjusting fonts, colors, and visual elements to harmonize with the graphic style of the proposed brand.


View the complete deck here.

Volunteer Cultivation Presentation_ Board Retreat 2020_Presentation Version_Page_01.jpg

Slides for a thirty-minute presentation on volunteer cultivation and retention, given for the annual retreat of the American Ethical Union’s Board of Directors. The presentation summarized extensive research on recruiting, training, and retaining volunteers; maintained audience engagement through the use of brief video clips by experts in the subject; and concluded with compelling suggestions for next steps. The presentation utilized

custom-branded templates created for the organization using Google Slides


View the complete presentation here.

Slides for a keynote lecture about how quilters can seek inspiration in art history. Following the design of a typical art history lecture, the slides prioritize images over text, relying on the speaker to point out relevant details. A broad range of examples illustrate a variety of visual features that can spark inspiration while case studies demonstrate how these can be translated into quilt designs. The presentation concludes with lists of resources that audience members can turn to when seeking their own inspiration.


View the complete presentation here.

MO State Quilters Guild_Keynote_Page_01.jpg
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