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View the final capstone presentation here.

Brand Manifesto

Estonetes is a fictional fast-casual restaurant developed as the capstone project for I.E. Business School's online course in Brand Identity

and Strategy.

Students were assigned to develop a complete brand identity for a Menorcan restaurant specializing in healthy Mediterranean fare. This included market research, strategic positioning, selecting a name, and designing an overall brand personality and look.

A review of existing Menorcan restaurants revealed a lack of options offering healthy, traditional meals with quick, counter-based service. The concept for Estonetes fills this niche with a comfortable fast-casual option modeled on Panera/

St. Louis Bread Co.


Perceptual Map


Market Segmentation

The market segmentation portion of the project drilled down to specific details about the restaurant's target customers and their primary motivations.

Brand House.png

Creating a "Brand House" diagram was a direct, organized way to summarize the restaurant's brand goals, value proposition, and personality. The name Estonetes, a Catalan word that translates roughly to "moments," conveys both the rapidity of the service as well as the relaxed moments the chain restaurant's convenient, welcoming locations would invite patrons to savor if they wished.

(Diagram concept based on original by Coca-Cola.)


Consumer Persona

Inspiration_Ensaimada crop.jpg

The graphic style was inspired by the gestural painted decoration of siruells, a traditional ceramic whistle produced in the region. Icons feature fresh, local foods such as ensaimadas, a specialty bread of the Balearic islands.


Estonetes_Brand Summary.jpg

Click below to view the full presentation:

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