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ReCollect is an ongoing project that started as a capstone for LaunchCode's Liftoff program.

I worked as a member of a five-person team to create this full-stack cataloging application in the span of two weeks.

My roles included developing the project concept, branding, and graphic assets, coding front-end elements such as the navigation bar and footer, landing and about pages, and sign up and log in forms (which use both front- and back-end validation and authentication techniques). In addition, I translated the project's brand system into a custom Bootstrap 4 theme using SCSS.

I also took a lead in managing the team and project, following an Agile methodology and using tools such as Trello and Slack to facilitate communication.

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Landing page

Users are welcomed with a dynamic gallery of collages showcasing a variety of collectibles. Logo, navigation bar, and search fields added via hand-coded HTML with custom Bootstrap 4 theming.


About Project

The app allows collectors to save, edit, organize, and share information about their collections.



I designed the Team page, which  includes bios of each team member and our mentor, as well as links to our GitHub  and LinkedIn profiles.


The Style Tile features the overall sophisticated and elegant tone of the site, and features custom assets such as the logo (also at right). Graphic elements are limited so as to maintain a focus on the user's collections

and items.

Style Tile

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Low-fidelity wireframes allowed the team to discuss the user's path through the app.

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To view our code and learn more about

this project, visit its

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